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Brand New

Today I mowed the yard, in my favorite pair of pink Nike's...bright pink, lime green, black, and white to be exact. I love these shoes, and though I don't wear them that often, except to the air conditioned- no speck of dirt to be found-indoor gym...I love the absolute girliness of them. Did I mention that I love these shoes? So why did I wear them to cut the grass you ask? Well it wasn't my original intention, I went to the back yard for something else, but when I saw the horror of the emerging jungle that used to be my backyard, I decided a girl had to do what she had to do. But really, I blame the pollen,and the allergy medicine I had recently taken. So fast forward, let's say approximately an hour or so, and their I am frantically scrubbing at my favorite shoes,who's pearly white bottoms are now stained a ghastly shade of green-grass green to be exact-a shade that just does not match anything I own. As I scrub vigorously,and sweat begins to drip down my back, …

True Image

Via Andy Danzler

How do you view yourself? When you're getting to know someone new what words do you use to describe yourself? When you look in the mirror what thoughts come to mind? Like most people when I meet someone for the first time I have a propensity to tell them what I do for a living, or what ministry in church I serve in. While these things are great, and good works, they don't define me. When I look in the mirror the answers of my worth aren't found there either, but where I can find the truth about who I am, and what I'm worth is from the One who created me. You see society has many labels, and many voices that would like to tell you who you are, what you should look like, who you should emulate, and what new products will make you feel better about yourself. But if you listen long enough, you'll find that those voices are filled with confusion, and you'll find that those things don't really satisfy. The place where we …