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Um...Hi :)

Where to start except at hello. :)
I started this blog years ago, because I like to write, and I wanted to use my gift to shed some light, even if it's flame barely flickered like a lone candle in the wind. Yet this blog evolved and is evolving into something more. I've always tried to keep it maybe a little impersonal, yet super personal at the same time if that makes sense...impersonal by not really talking about myself, yet super personal by sharing my poems which are the most intimate parts of me, if one knows how to read between the lines.
This blog has shared in my journey, the journey of a girl born in an island in the middle of the sea colliding with her destiny in a major way. Jesus...He is my purpose, my reason for living, my comforter, my friend. It only takes one name, to make all the difference. Yet, what a difference He makes. He enters your world and shakes all that can be shaken, until all that's left is what's solid, and what's real, and oh how…