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and Jehovah will guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in dry places, and make strong thy bones; and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. Isaiah 58:11 .


Smile, I love you...


These eyes of mine they see into the heart-right to the very core of you,
Footsteps treading on promises untold and avoiding fragile dreams,
When I sleep my soul grows wings and flies to faraway lands,
Up up up she soars until she reaches a distant star,
With eyes wide shut I smile because she takes me where you are,


Dare to run,
Dare to laugh out loud, even when the skies are gray,
Dare to dream big, and if your dream should come true-dream bigger!


Their is a phenomenon called blind sight where following certain types of brain lesions, patients have an inability to see objects, but if asked to guess the location of the object they are able to point at them with reasonable accuracy. I can't help but wonder if maybe some of those patients are not completely blind, but may be perceiving themselves as such, due to the fact that their vision has decreased so dramatically from what they are used to that they become certain that they must be blind.When pressed to give an answer on where something may be located the evidence shows that they may have retained some of their vision after I'm no scientist this is just a theory of mine but I wanted to use the subject of blind sight as an example. How many of us are walking around with blind sight? Sometimes in life our vision can get so distorted that we start believing that our situation-what ever that situation hampering our life happens to be-is impossible and totally un…


I kiss the sunny lips of a new day,
Dive head first with arms outstretched,
This smile could never be removed,
This hope as wide as the world and just as tall,
I walk in the light of possibilities,
I dance in the reflection of new beginnings,
A new song I sing,
A new me I bring,
The perfect beginning,


I dived into the sea but the sea was me,
I swam deeper and deeper in search of something I'd forgotten long ago on the bottom of the ocean floor,
I fought the angry pull of the current and the tempestuous tug of the waves,
Feeling bogged down by the weight of my dreams their was nothing I could do but let my hopes float free,
I watched them ascend speedily to the surface and do what they were created to do,
I watched them fly,

Land Of Eternal Sun

My joy reaches up-up towards the heavens,
Watch my bubbles of happiness as they cascade over me-filling me with endless delight,
Finally unable to suppress the myriad of giggles tickling the back of my throat I throw my head back and laugh with delight,
I laugh and I laugh until my laughter takes me to a place so bright that I have to squint my eyes,
I look around in wonder and wonder if I've managed to land on the sun,
This thought of eternal sunshine causes me to laugh some more,


This life that I was given...a gift from God who created me and breathed life into me. Placed on earth and called to Him so that I may have an abundance of joy through Him .
I'm so thankful for his love, which flows over me like the calmest sea...quieting every fear, doubt, and worry.
He blesses me every day, walks with me through any storms that may arise, holds my hand through the darkest night-this is love, this is what true love is like: unconditional mercy and forgiveness.
He washes me until I am as white as snow, washes me until I can stare into the river of his righteousness and see my true reflection.
The real me-that's when I can see myself the way he has always seen me.
Chosen-chosen to be a part of his eternal family.
Cherished-cherished more than the most precious stone.
So I shine my light so that others can see His that others can walk towards their true reflection.