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Redeeming the Time

With 2014 moving farther and farther back in my rear view mirror, and the start of a new year fastly approaching, I've felt a little bit in limbo: not wanting to look back, but also not wanting to look too far ahead. I've been thinking about redeeming the time I have; if I'm honest, much of my time which isn't spent at work, is spent in a type of distraction zone between social media and entertainment..."Are you not entertained?" (If you can tell me which movie that little snippet was taken from you win 10 bonus  points ;)) It's so easy to be distracted when one lives in a technological age of smart phones, tablets, and the ever increasing push for more and more entertainment in shorter spans of time. Theirs definitely nothing wrong with wanting to unwind after work, or school, or just taking it easy on the weekend, in fact rest is a blessing of God, but we can't allow it to cause us to become numb, and unaware of the time that's passing us by. W…

The Greatest Gift

I've always loved Christmas best of all the holidays.With growing up on an island my memories of Christmas aren't snow covered, nor are they memories of racing downstairs to open up a ton of presents. No, my memory of Christmas is one of Palm trees, and sunny days filled with family and reggae tinged Christmas songs...ah the paradise of a wide eyed eight year old. No matter how thrilling those days were to me, Jesus was and still is the epicenter of it all for me. To think that He never stops giving, first His life for mine, but also sharing the season of his birth celebration with me-just a little girl on an island in the middle of the sea-I felt so special. Jesus does that to you, makes you feel like one in a million, the apple of His eye. Because to Him we are all special, hand crafted, one of a kind...I don't want to forget this. Sometimes it's easy to forget what we're really celebrating at Christmas...but it's not about the presents, not even about getti…