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Writing for me, is like the air I breathe.
It's like printing my heart unto a page.
I never fully understood myself until the day my soul spoke to me on paper.
Poetry, prose, short story, anecdote, it matters not to me.
The words pour forth like a never ending fountain , my pen flies across the page in delight.
Dreams are born, grown, and fly here.
With my pen nothing is impossible, if I choose to I can give all my stories happy endings .
Fly to mars, and back in the blink of an eye, cross an ocean to unite two star crossed lovers.
Win a war and put the world at peace .
Here I stand, here I breathe, here I do what I was created to do- I love...with pen and paper .

Breaking Free

Breaking free is not an easy thing. In fact, it may be one of the hardest, yet rewarding things to do. We are easily turned into creatures of habit who are more comfortable inside our own box. When we begin to explore outside of our comfort zone, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities. While, at first, this exploration may feel strange and even painful, we soon begin to feel the excitement of it.
Do you remember your first ride on a bike with no training wheels? You probably had more than your fair share of crashes and skinned knees. Did you give up then? No. Did it make it all worthwhile when you felt the rush of the wind against your face and your hair blowing behind you when you finally got it? Yes. It probably gave you even more inspiration for the next time.
That is how we should approach things in life; not giving up and allowing ourselves to continue down the old worn out path but to Break Free and make a new path for the future!
Two roads diverged in a wood, a…


Today was a beautiful day,
The sky was a wonderful shade of milky blue,
The sun shined down on me, sending it's rays to chase the chill from my day,
The trees shook their branches playfully, making their yellowish-green leaves flutter softly down around me,
I inhaled deeply as I stared up at the fat clouds floating lazily on by,
The wind came out to play, tousling my hair into a wild halo above my head,
I thought to myself:now this is life :)
How lucky am I to live in a world created with me in mind?