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Singing Outloud

Sing a new song,
Get ready the instruments,
Dance on the clouds,
The stars your necklace,
Sing a new song,
Don't you know Spring's on the way?
Get ready, put on your best dress,
Because today is the day,
No more crying,
The sky is blue,
The sun has come out, and this one's for you,
Sing a new song,
Girl from an island far,
Been waiting so long,
Now He's come along,
Daughter don't worry,
I just want to see your smile,
It suits you so well,
I made it perfect, to match the light in your eyes,
Sing a new song,
Though winter has been so long,
I've blown the storm clouds away,
Look the birds have come out to play,
Sing a new song,
A song that tells of my love,
For the girl from an island far, far, away