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What Do You Hope For?

What is hope?
Is it the tangible promise of all you've ever wanted?
Does it encompass all your dreams? Or is it the lone candle valiantly shining despite the darkest night?
The vessel tossed amidst the highest waves?
Or is it something more...something unexplainable?
Trusting, while all around your world falls apart,
Trusting enough to take the first step out into the unknown, even though you can't see your way,
Yes, it's now I see that trust and hope go hand in hand,
For no one knows how the story will end except the Author of life,
And so I begin to step at a time

What Good Do 'What Ifs' Do?

I love this song, it's all about letting go of past mistakes that weigh you down so you can flyyyyyy. :)


I hold a dove within my hands,
Gently stroke it's downy feathers,
Stare into eyes so dark they mirror my image,
This dove symbolizes all I've ever wanted,
It breathes the calmest peace into my world,
Settles the hammering of my heart with it's gentle coos,
The touch of it's wing to my cheek the most delicate of caresses,
It is my hope for a new day,