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Patience In Affliction

As a new believer one of the things I struggled greatly with was the idea of affliction, the idea that God would place me in a test, a trial, even a season of pain. After all He is Lord of all, and He loves me right? Yes, enough to die for me, to even take my place on the cross. So, it didn't add up to me why sometimes it seemed like my prayers were bouncing off  heaven's walls, why I had people leave, so called friends betray me, and my world turn upside down. What I didn't realize during those seasons was that I wasn't so much afraid of the trials, and tests but I was more concerned with being uncomfortable, placed outside my comfort zone, and having to walk outside the orderly lines of the cookie cutter life I had designed for myself in my mind. But how can God truly love us and leave us as we are? You see, He sees me not just as I am now, but He sees the me He created me to be, He sees my possibility. James 1:4 says "Let perseverance finish its work so that yo…