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Sometimes the only way to rise is to let go of everything that tethers you to the ground...

Beauty in Motion

Tomorrow is not promised,
So I've decided to embrace today,
Holding it tightly to my chest and listening to it's heart beat,
I watch the clouds flit across the sky like unchoreographed dancers,
And I mimic their movements here on the ground,
The trees sway in time to the birds lilting symphony,
A perfect harmony,


Call On Jesus

A reminder that, even on the worst days when everything seems to be going wrong, your life is in bigger hands than your own.

A Long Walk


The wind whistles through the trees,
A song as eternal as the stars,
I tilt my head to the side, the better to hear the melodies,
I close my eyes and feel the rhythm moving through me,
My heart beats in time, slow and steady,
My lips part as if of their own volition, and I begin to sing along,


It’s a brilliant light,
A light that blinds my eyes,
And yet I’ve never seen more clearly,
And while I look I’m transported,
As if through time,
To a place I’ve never seen,
And yet I know it’s home,
I can feel it in the very marrow of my bones,
And this joy overwhelms me,
Washes over me like a morning mist,
And I feel light,
As light as air,
Nothing tethers me to land,
No trouble or care,
And I begin to float,
Away to a place that’s always been,
And now I know that that thing I’ve always held inside was hope,
And that it floats,