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This Life

It is my opinion that our life is not random, we are not aimlessly drifting in the world. No, if you are a Christian you are a new creation in Christ, and the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. That means you are endowed with greatness and can accomplish great things . I don't attribute any of the gifts I've been given to my own credit, for I know the bible says we've been given these gifts to do good, of which God has pre-determined us to do. So I stay close to God, and most importantly stay close His heart: Jesus; otherwise how can I know His purpose for me? This race Paul speaks about isn't a 100 meter dash, it's more of a 5K run. The good news is that we don't have to go it alone. We have more than a cheerleader on the sidelines, we have Jesus the Christ, and if you get tired, or if you should fall, He's right there in step with you, and He will carry you to the finish line.

God's Vision

In Genesis 13 it informs us of Abram's separation from Lot. It came to pass that Abram said if you go to the left I will go to the right, and if you go to the right I will go to the left. That's where the story gets interesting to me, because immediately after separating from Lot God speaks to Abram and says "Look all around you because I am going to give you this land, and your descendants will outnumber the very sand ." Two big things stand out to me ; firstly the fact that Abram had to first separate himself from Lot, and secondly the fact that God's vision for Abram was far greater than Abram 's vision for himself. While Abram would have been satisfied with whatever land Lot didn't want, God told him to look to the north, south, east, and west, as far as His eyes could see for he, and his descendants would inhabit the land. That story makes me consider my life, could someone or something be detracting God's purpose for me, and is my vision much to…

Sweet Love on High

Some may call me a dreamer but it is You who have placed these hopes in my heart,
I hold them deep within the recesses of my heart and it causes them to bloom,
Oh Lord, my God, my one desire is to behold your face,
Gaze on your majesty and bow in deference,
For You alone are King, and no one can take your place,
It's a sweet mystery this love You have for me, and it is as eternal as time,

Gentle Whispers

Through the whirlwind He whispers my name,
Tells me I was chosen before the foundation of the world,
That I was marked with His light and set aside for such a time as this,
As the dawn paints the sky, He whispers His promises and to my ear they ring true,
Promises to bless me, to protect me, to guide me, to never leave me alone,
He tells me He counts every hair on my head,
He knows when I rise and when I lay down,
He knows the things that lay heavy on my soul, and the things that make my heart smile,
He tells me His thoughts of me outnumber the very sands of time,
I look at Him with a million questions in my mind, a thousand whys,
He silences them with the next words He utters:For I have loved you with an everlasting love , and with loving kindness I have drawn you,
You see it's simple , He wants me to be His,

Wait Upon the Lord

Wait upon The Lord the writer re-iterates, just a few words yet how they sting...yes they sting my conscious, because in all honesty I hate waiting on anything...because in a fast food culture I can go to any drive thru in America and have it my way. In this season of my life I've been looking behind the words of God a lot, to the why of it all? Why is it so important to God that we wait...well one big reason is because we aren't God. Yes, captain obvious I know...but it's so true; God has a plan for all of us, and that plan is no mystery to Him. If He should share it with us that's great-and He has shared a lot in His word-but this plan is His to unfold,and we must trust the Man who died for us. His plans are for our good, not for our harm, and most importantly He loves us. So let's keep our eyes on Him, He's the Man with the master plan.

God's Story

Ever since I've been a little girl I've had a plan for my life, a story per se of how I imagined the best outcome for my life ought to be . Over the years I've placed this story in a gilded frame and made somewhat of a shrine for it, and though I would tell you the things I desire for my life aren't any bad things, I have to admit that my desire for control is. You see I haven't been letting God be God...He is the author of life after all, and He tells me that He has a plan for my life, a plan for good and not for evil...even when I don't understand, and don't see how He can possibly get anything good out of my situation, He sees the bigger picture. Jesus sees the end from the beginning, and the role my life plays in His story. It is a story of redemption, of sacrifice, of a love worth dying for, and I am happy to be included in His masterpiece.