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His eyes sparkle like diamonds,
His smile brings the sun from behind the clouds,
His laugh makes the birds sing,
This child of mine,
I want to cover him in bubble wrap,
Protect him from harm,
Shelter him from cruelty,
This child of mine,
I wish I could catch him every time he fell,
Be his shelter from the wind,
This child of mine,
Yet I cannot-but I will not fret,
Because this child of mine is hope him fly,


Last night I heard a robin singing in the rain,
And the raindrop's patter made a sweet refrain,
Making all the sweeter the music of the strain.

So, I thought, when trouble comes, as trouble will,
Why should I stop singing? Just beyond the hill
It may be that sunshine floods the green world still.

He who faces the trouble with a heart of cheer
Makes the burden lighter. If there falls a tear,
Sweeter is the cadence in the song we hear.

I have learned your lesson, bird with dappled wing,
Listening to your music with its lilt of spring
When the storm-cloud darkens, then's the TIME to sing.
--Eben E. Rexford