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Letting go can sometimes feel like the hardest thing you've ever attempted to do.
It's something that I battle with, if not on a daily basis, then at least every other day, but when I overcome any doubts, or fear that try to linger in the recesses of my mind, and do allow God to lead the way, it brings a peace of mind to my life that is just priceless. For I know that He will never lead me astray.
Even though my vision of this road called life is limited, I trust that God knows the way, and can see into my tomorrow . No matter what turbulence occurs in our day to day life, if we just lay our burdens down before Him, and trust and believe in Him, He will calm the roughest sea .
In Jeremiah 29:11 He says : For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end .


Today's "Happy Post" is dedicated to the 2009 CNN Hero Of The Year Efren Penaflorida Jr .
His story is truly inspiring, and shows us that even if we are limited in resources, with faith all things are possible.

"I always tell my volunteers that you are the change that you dream, and I am the change that I dream. And collectively we are the change that this world needs to be ."


Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.

Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that are drunken are drunken in the night.

But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for a helmet, the hope of salvation .

Thessalonians 5 vs 5-8

I love Sundays as I've mentioned before, but today even though the temperature was perfect the day brought gray skies . My old friend Melancholy paid me a visit, and I was quick to let him in, but in the nick of time my new best friends Hope and Thanksgiving came to the rescue, shutting the door soundly against Melancholy and his companions worry, fear, and doubt .

Not every day will be filled with sunshine; lifelong happiness is something we have to work towards daily . The next time negativity comes knocking at your door, don't answer, he doesn't like being ig…



I stretch and stretch, arms reaching and straining to catch a fallen star,

When it does land in the palm of my hands I leap and prance with glee,

Holding it tight to my chest I gaze with wonder at the object of my desire,

It is all I ever wanted and more,

When it begins to sparkle and twinkle lighting up the dark sky, I know it is just for me,

So no one is more surprised than I when I loosen my grasp and allow it to float free,

Yet the smile never leaves my face and the joy still resides in my soul,

For their is no greater love than the one given freely,

I watch my star retreat and finally disappear in the dense clouds, but I have no fear,

For I know it shall return to me,

Eyes Wide Shut

Sometimes I wonder if my idea of love is realistic. Have I just been suckered by too many romantic comedies ? I don't think so...sure relationships take work, but can't the same be said for anything worth having? I imagine a sustainable relationship/marriage as a garden. The garden that is tilled, fertilized, and watered regularly thrives and flowers and even a harsh winter cannot stop it's buds from flowering come spring; on the other hand the garden that is left to it's own devices with no nurturing hand eventually becomes overgrown and overrun with weeds . Care or neglect : either way you reap what you sow .


Writing for me, is like the air I breathe.
It's like printing my heart unto a page.
I never fully understood myself until the day my soul spoke to me on paper.
Poetry, prose, short story, anecdote, it matters not to me.
The words pour forth like a never ending fountain , my pen flies across the page in delight.
Dreams are born, grown, and fly here.
With my pen nothing is impossible, if I choose to I can give all my stories happy endings .
Fly to mars, and back in the blink of an eye, cross an ocean to unite two star crossed lovers.
Win a war and put the world at peace .
Here I stand, here I breathe, here I do what I was created to do- I love...with pen and paper .

Breaking Free

Breaking free is not an easy thing. In fact, it may be one of the hardest, yet rewarding things to do. We are easily turned into creatures of habit who are more comfortable inside our own box. When we begin to explore outside of our comfort zone, we open ourselves up to a whole new world of possibilities. While, at first, this exploration may feel strange and even painful, we soon begin to feel the excitement of it.
Do you remember your first ride on a bike with no training wheels? You probably had more than your fair share of crashes and skinned knees. Did you give up then? No. Did it make it all worthwhile when you felt the rush of the wind against your face and your hair blowing behind you when you finally got it? Yes. It probably gave you even more inspiration for the next time.
That is how we should approach things in life; not giving up and allowing ourselves to continue down the old worn out path but to Break Free and make a new path for the future!
Two roads diverged in a wood, a…


Today was a beautiful day,
The sky was a wonderful shade of milky blue,
The sun shined down on me, sending it's rays to chase the chill from my day,
The trees shook their branches playfully, making their yellowish-green leaves flutter softly down around me,
I inhaled deeply as I stared up at the fat clouds floating lazily on by,
The wind came out to play, tousling my hair into a wild halo above my head,
I thought to myself:now this is life :)
How lucky am I to live in a world created with me in mind?

Perfect Melody

It comes to me unexpectedly,
Fills me with warmth and puts my soul at ease,
Wraps me up in it's protective bubble and watches me as I sleep,
I see your face all around me,
Feel your arms strongly steadying me,
Taste your lips-your kiss so sweet,
I could get lost in your eyes forever,
You are my perfect melody,


It rumbles deep within the pit of my stomach,
Sends the blood rushing through my veins,
A joy I've never known before,
A sense of peace I could before only imagine,
Bubbling up my throat and through my lips a song emerges,
In my heart I welcome joy,
Soul free and as light as a feather,
I am tickled pink with pleasure ....

Easy Like Sunday Morning....

I love Sunday mornings!
Ever since I was a little girl I've always felt their was something special about Sundays.
Sundays for me are mellow, lazy days filled with sunshine, and are made for rest and rejuvenation . Theirs nothing like a little peace for a happy heart.
I hope everyone had a lovely day and made some time for self reflection and are ready for the wonderful week we have ahead :)

Carpe Diem !

I love that phrase "Seize the day" .
When I think of it, I think of grabbing hold of life and squeezing it as hard as I can, in the biggest bear hug I can manage. I love being happy, but I am human and not an android and try as I might I cannot force myself to be happy 24/7-show me the person who is, and I'll show you the made in China tag beneath his collar.
Their is one thing that keeps me going through any dark days that may come along and that is the knowledge of a new tomorrow and the opportunity to Carpe Diem !
Today I am happy just because! Just because...the sun is shining, Just because...the sky is such a beautiful shade of blue,Just because...I got up this morning and I am breathing...well isn't that enough?

Cloudy Skies

Today started out gray; the weather forecast predicted that it would be a dark and rainy day, so I dressed accordingly.
Halfway through what I was so sure would be a dismal day- something happened. The sun came out and chased the clouds away .
Life can sometimes be this way, you may believe or have been told that your goals are unattainable and believing this never strive to reach those lofty dreams but when we listen and accept those negative thoughts they become a dark cloud over our perspective. Look for the sun in any circumstance and it will be sure to come out and chase those storm clouds away .

Untitled by Blackrose20

With one look I'm lost,
Captured as if within a snare,
My traitorous heart gives me away,
Pounding faster and faster within my chest,
Face flushed and with bated breath I return your smile,
Your eyes smolder as they gaze into mine,
The wonderment of shared affection,
It is only a moment-less than a moment,
But time freezes to a stand still every time you are near,
In your eyes I see a lifetime,
And just like that you are gone and I am left bereft,
Left feeling empty and alone,
And I wonder for the millionth time-could you be the one?
My other half?
The Teacake to my Janie?
The Mr Darcy to my Elizabeth?
Time will tell whispers my mind,
But when? Pleads my heart,


It is my favorite word, translates easily among foreign languages .

Only takes four letters to make my heart sing; it is LOVE . I wrote it in all caps because let's face it, it's not a wimpy word. It in fact takes courage to love .

In no other situation would one close their eyes tightly and jump blindly; but with love that is exactly what we do and with a huge Colgate smile pasted to our face as well .

For we have no clue when we take that leap of faith what will be waiting for us when our feet finally touch the ground -or whether or not we will even make it to land !

Nevertheless no sweeter kiss have I ever known than the kiss of love, and I crave it like dark chocolate; no matter the occasional bitter after taste .

My favorite quote by English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson sums up my feelings on the matter entirely "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"

So no matter how many times I have to beseech love "Et tu, Love?"

I will keep c…


I'm thankful for.....
Sunny days Star filled nights Family and Friends offering kinds words during difficult times My vision being cleared to see that life is a learning process and that what is important is not the difficult times you may be going through, but how you handle it . Also never forgetting that every cloud, no matter how dark, and ominous has a silver lining .


What does happen to a dream deferred? This famous poem written by Langston Hughes poses a good question. I, like millions -if not billions of people world wide- too have deferred dreams. These dreams flit sometimes annoyingly across the the horizon of my subconscious . But unlike Langston's poem I view my dreams through a protective bubble of hope . I am a firm believer in hope and faith being the vehicles that bring miracles to life . My dreams hover like a tangible mirage just waiting for me to grab a hold of . The beautiful thing about life is that with each new day we are given a fresh chance at starting a new . A brighter dream I have never seen ...

Hope In All It's Glory

It comes unbidden,
Lips pressed to a cool pane of glass,
Eyes cast up to catch a glint of sunshine,
It is hope in all it's glory,
A rainbow at the end of a dark lane,
The touch of a feather against a weary brow,
It flickers bravely like an untended flame,
But once this fire starts it is hard to stop the blaze,


Shifting Axis

The world turns,
The seasons change,
The moon sleeps,
The sun wakes,
One constant that never changes is my love for you,
Apple of my eye,
Keeper of my soul,
You own the key that unlocks my heart's song,
Friends they come,
And friends may go,
But you my love are constant,


Day Dream

I dream of cotton candy clouds...of sunsets,
I long for fields of blooming lillies,
I float on the breath of a new day,
I dance to the song of the hummingbird,
Laugh out loud with the evening breeze,
I breathe,
I live,
I am,


And In The Beginning...

Hello world ! Thank you for tuning in to my sunshine blog . I have decided to create this blog for many reasons, the biggest reason of all is because I felt is was really needed . I know first hand what it is like to search for a ray of elusive hope through the dense clouds of some of life's rainy days . My name is blackrose02 and I hope this blog becomes the source of sunny days for those in need of a smile. Tune in often and feel free to leave your thoughts and remember prayer is the medium for miracles .