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Gentle is the kiss of a true love,
Sweeter than honey and twice as rich,
A yearning heart in a state of unrest,
Waiting ever so patiently for one word, one moment, no matter how brief the caress,
It matters not when it comes to affairs of the heart,
Time advances and comes to a halt in the space of a breath,
Pulses accelerate and heart beats race at the thought of that someone,
That special someone who is irreplaceable,
And if it was possible you would mount up on the wings of a dove and fly,
Higher than high,
Because with love neither time nor distance is a factor,
With love you close your eyes...and leap,


I unlocked your promises from my treasure chest,
They sparkle and shine in the light of your eyes,
Untarnished and unsullied even though they've crossed the rivers of my doubts and climbed the steep hills of my fears,
I worried that they might have disappeared but like your words they are tangible, very much alive,

Hope Of A Savior

What can I write Lord to tell of Your glory?
What could I say Lord to display Your grace?
Night after night You show me Your mercy,
Day after day I search for Your face,
From the depths You've brought me,
From the bottom of the sea,
Buoyed on the waves of Your loving kindness-a real mystery,
Your love You've given freely,
Your great compassion abundantly,
Never letting go-no, You've always carried me,
And so I wait for You daily,
Listening for the sound of Your footsteps,
Knowing that You've promised to grant me the most serene of rests,
It's in His eyes that I see what I've never seen before,
The hope of tomorrow and the assurance of a life eternal,

Beautiful Things